there is a little bit of that for the Xs-and-Os lovers of us out there.

Savage’s consistent and efficient preseason was enough to fend off a spirited challenge from 2017 College Football Playoff Offensive MVP Watson. Watson’s winning record in college and ability to create space and time in the pocket will make him an eager replacement should his team need a change behind center. However, Savage was fine in his only start of 2016 and his familiarity with Houston’s offense shined through this August; in two games, he’s completed a league-high 85 percent (17 of 20) of his passes.

This time they don’t really have that structure, or really any structure at all, to fall back on. The filmmakers introduce the idea of hills early on — we see the Patriots running up one repeatedly — and come back to it again and again, with the basic argument being that because the Patriots ran up a hill a few months ago, it gave them the endurance to outlast the Falcons in that wild second-half comeback. Which, I mean, I guess? I think it helped them a lot more that they had the greatest NFL quarterback of all time throwing the ball than any hill they might have run up, but then again, I’m no NFL expert.

With nothing much going on storywise, what’s left is basically a rundown of each of the Patriots’ playoff games, with a long time focused on that second-half comeback against the Falcons.
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So, you’re probably asking: If I’m not a Patriots fan, why should I watch this?

Elite Womens Justin Coleman Jersey The unstated promise of these films is the chance to get the inside scoop — that little bit of football knowledge you couldn’t possibly have unless you hear it from the coaches. And there is a little bit of that for the Xs-and-Os lovers of us out there.

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