Saban is nothing if not a creature of habit.

Every morning begins the same: a cup of coffee, two Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies and 10 minutes of the Weather Channel before it’s off to work. Saban’s fondness for the soft-baked oatmeal cookies layered with creme is now the stuff of legend. To this day, he keeps a big glass jar full of them in his office. In fact, the Creme Pies turned into something of the go-to gift for the man who has it all.
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Jaguars offensive lineman Cam Robinson, then a top-flight recruit in Louisiana, gave Saban a box when he came to visit him on the recruiting trail. A television reporter once did the same.

“The group text has gotten weird already. A couple things that—” Redick pauses to wave his hand over his perfectly coiffed hair, now featuring several strains of gray “—have kind of gone over my head that I’ve had to Google later. But you know it’s just millennials.” Can he share any of those search keywords? “This stuff is just… NSFW, you know what I mean?”

Then there’s Browns coach Hue Jackson. O’Brien and Pederson had a much more successful track record working with QBs. Jackson got the best out of Andy Dalton, but that’s about it.

O’Brien, far removed from Tom Brady, was simply waiting for the Texans to actually go after a good QB. He still made Brian Hoyer and Ryan Fitzpatrick look better than they should have. Pederson was made to be matched with a passer who shares the many positive attributes of Alex Smith, and there was a plan in place Brandon Thompson Authentic Jersey to pair him with Wentz.

At least Okposo has Matt Moulson in the locker room to help Brad Marchand Authentic Jersey him cope with the post-superstar winger blues. Okposo’s numbers slipped in his first season in Buffalo last season, which was his first season in several years not playing with John Tavares. But he also had some injuries, and the numbers weren’t atrocious. Expecting a modest return to form this season was not out of line.

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