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Dak Prescott and the defense are giving the Cowboys some confidence that they can win without Ezekiel Elliott

Bruce Ellington, WR, Houston Texans (3.8 percent): Looking for a deeper league consideration in your flex? Ellington is a name of note. Over his past three games, he has 24 targets and 13 catches.

It’s OK for Hundley to be more like a rookie and target both Nelson and Adams often, and not try to be Rodgers, digging deep for Geronimo Allison or Richard Rodgers. Hundleymove the offense simply with heavy volume for his top two playmakers. The Packers should still use three and four receivers often, but more so with the intent of getting Nelson and Adams in the right spots.

The Jaguars added another key component to their dominant defense with a run stopper in Marcell Dareus, and it showed right away against the Bengals. And how about the offense getting things done with Blake Borltes and without Leonard Fournette? This clearly is now the best team in the AFC South.

Dak Prescott and the defense are giving the Cowboys some confidence that they can win without Ezekiel Elliott. The Chiefs game proved they are still built to beat anybody.

The Packers’ defense is depleted and lost on the back end. Their offense has a few sparks but nothing fiery yet with Brett Hundley. They get a bit of a break against the Bears, because Green Bay is better against the run than against the pass. Hundley will make fewer mistakes than rookie Mitchell Trubisky as the Packers steal an ugly one from their archrivals.

Hard to believe in hindsight that the Bengals had a playoff win in Pittsburgh in their hands just 22 months ago — but it seems like they’ve replayed the last two minutes of that game on an endless loop ever since. The Broncos don’t have a quarterback, period, and that’s infecting everything else. Only for viewers with strong stomachs.

Texans’ Duane Brown on kneeling for anthem: Team felt sense of unity playing for each other

During the national anthem before Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks, the majority of Houston Texans players kneeled and linked arms. Approximately 10 players stood.

Houston wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and rookie running back D’Onta Foreman missed Friday’s practice as a response to McNair’s controversial comments, which were reported in an ESPN The Magazine story on Friday morning.

“It took some time,” Shanahan said. “It was more than I have had to deal with. There were a lot of guys to go through and not all of it is just clear-cut answers either so you’ve got to talk and understand it as well as I possibly can.

“We understand the challenge of this game. We’re going to play a good team on the road, with a very sound and aggressive defense, and an offense that can score a lot of points with some very good players. The guys know what we have in front of us.”

Frost and his wife are expecting the arrival of their first child at some point this week. Frost has said that if the baby is born on Friday or Saturday, he will not travel with the team to Dallas. Defensive coordinator Erik Chinander will coach the team, if Frost is unavailable.

“I’m 42 years old, so I’m going to be an old dad, but I’m blessed that it’s coming,” Frost told the Orlando Sentinel.

“We’ll see how it works out. I hope she’s smart enough as a coach’s wife not to have it happen Friday or Saturday so we can go try to get this win. But your first child being born is only going to happen to you once in your life and I definitely want to be there.”raiders_070-223x223

the Texans should be viewed as heavy favorites to win the Romo sweepstakes.

Houston Texans: Only four teams advanced further last season than Houston, a team that has the luxury of competing in the perennial pushover AFC South. Boasting the No. 1 total defense, an arsenal of intriguing skill-position talent and a respected offensive mind at head coach, the Texans are a quarterback away from challenging the Patriots and Steelers for conference supremacy. It doesn’t hurt that Houston is less than an hour’s flight from Romo’s North Dallas homestead. Financial considerations aside, the fit is custom-made for organization and player.

Ah, but there’s the rub. Hog-tied by colossal free-agent bust Brock Osweiler’s guaranteed $19 million salary-cap charge, the Texans would need Romo to restructure his contract and settle for an incentive-laden, cap-friendly deal to make the arrangement work. Even if Romo prioritizes winning and location over salary at this stage of his career, that compromise is easier accomplished via release than trade.

Less than three weeks before the start of the league year, the Texans should be viewed as heavy favorites to win the Romo sweepstakes.

Denver Broncos: Just over a year ago, Romo watched a dominant Denver defense carry a diminished 39-year-old quarterback to the Super Bowl 50 title. It’s hardly a surprise that Romo would initially set his sights on the Peyton Manning path. To this point, though, Romo’s interest had been unrequited by a Broncos leadership group content to roll with Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch at quarterback.

The Packers’ front office opted for the Jets’ deal, which featured a conditional fourth-round draft pick that would rise to a first-rounder if New York reached the Super Bowl.