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Super Bowl commercials 2018: Kirk Cousins meets Donald Trump impersonator

Kirk Cousins hasn’t gotten the Redskins to the Super Bowl, but he’ll have a spot in the upcoming game anyway.

Cyprus Air has run ads in the past two Super Bowls featuring former Redskins great Joe Jacoby. There’s obviously a chance Cousins himself will soon be a former Redskin. Although he’s willing to be franchise-tagged for a third consecutive year, the high price tag ($34.47 million) makes that unlikely.

If Cousins is indeed headed into free agency, he’ll be a rare commodity as a franchise-caliber, free-agent QB. One of the quarterback-hungry teams who could use his skills is the Broncos, and some fans took the opportunity to do some lobbying Thursday.

The injury happened Wednesday in practice. Brady jammed the hand when a teammate accidentally ran into him, the Boston Herald reported, citing an unidentified source. The injury was painful enough that precautionary X-rays were taken and revealed no structural damage, the Herald added.

The Patriots said on their official injury report that Brady did not practice Thursday, and the team moved his scheduled news conference from Thursday to Friday.

The Boston Globe reported that it’s not entirely clear if this is a new injury caused by Wednesday’s collision or an old one that was aggravated.

The issue bubbled up on the day Brady was named the 2017 NFL MVP by the Professional Football Writers of America, his third PFWA MVP award. He is concluding one of his finest seasons, leading the NFL in passing yards (4,577) and throwing 32 touchdown passes.patriots_142_f6d6d07e3d0dd3dd-180x180

Kirk Cousins’ rising cost for Redskins only damages his value to their offense

The Redskins already lost the offensive coordinator who put Kirk Cousins in position to break the bank as an NFL free agent in 2017. Now, the big payday needed to keep the quarterback will negatively affect their future returns on the investment.

Given a questionable 2017 quarterback market in free agency and the draft, Cousins won’t be leaving Washington. He’ll either be franchise-tagged for a second straight year at nearly $24 million guaranteed for one season or get a long-term deal. The latter likely would give him the highest average annual salary in the league.

Inexperience could have been Ryan’s, and ultimately Atlanta’s, downfall in this game. Brady now has five Super Bowls and Ryan has played in just one.

However, this is a young team, and Ryan clearly has the talent and pieces around him to erase this bad memory very quickly.

Early in the game, Brady looked like an unsuspecting victim in the running of the bulls. He wasn’t the one wearing red, but Brady certainly felt the heat from Falcons defenders who looked certainly angry with him.

Falcons defenders penetrated the gaps left by Patriots offensive lineman with ease for two and a half quarters, leaving Brady in a mad rush to get rid of the ball, or on his back after getting hit. That, however, did not last into the final stages of the game, when it looked like Brady and his receivers were the only guys on the field. The linebackers especially looked lost, allowing running back James White to run free for a Super Bowl-record 14 receptions for 110 yards and three total touchdowns. avalanche-016_5c3e760001bc99bd-180x180