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Matt Ryan could be top 15 all-time in passing yardage and touchdowns by season’s end

I don’t want to lean on the Matt Ryan praise siren too hard here—he’s off to a strong but not necessarily remarkable start to 2017—but there are some historic things going on in the background of this season that we should probably note in the here and now. For example, did you know that Matt Ryan could very well finish this season as a top 15 passer in terms of both yardage and touchdowns? Like, all-time?

It’s true! Here’s where Ryan currently ranks, and following that, the numbers he needs to exceed to make it into the top 15. I’ve chosen top 15 because it is actually attainable in both of these instances for the 2017 season, though neither will be easy to get at his current pace.

If the Bengals do decide to sit Dalton and move ahead with McCarron, it still won’t be an easy road. The Bengals offensive line has been terrible after losing Andrew Whitworth and Kevin Zeitler to free agency this offseason. They’re not getting much help from the run game, either, which is ranked 18th in the league and averaging 79.5 yards per game.

There is a quarterback just sitting at home with plenty of starting experience who might be able to help turn things around in Cincinnati. He’s got the mobility to stay upright even behind an iffy line. But there’s no word on whether or not the Bengals would consider signing Colin Kaepernick.

Cincinnati is sitting at 0-2, and Marvin Lewis’ seat is getting warmer. Making Zampese the scapegoat isn’t going to suffice if the offense keeps playing so poorly. The Bengals may not have a choice but to bench Dalton.