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Foster shares my concern and hatred for this show

He turned around. I offered my hand and he took it.

“Those sincerely concerned, I’m doing OK & plan to B back by opening day. 4 those worried abt your fantasy team, u ppl are sick.”

My reaction at the time then was the same as it is now. Mostly disappointment in how a small but very vocal minority of fantasy players had behaved so Darryl Sittler Womens Jersey callously on social media to prompt that reaction from Arian. While we care deeply about injuries to players and our fantasy teams, players should not be concerned with it at all. Foster was worried only about his health and helping the Texans win football games and rightfully so.

The tweet got a ton of attention and Foster was one of the first guys I remember to be willing to call out fantasy players’ boorish behavior. Foster was 100 percent right in his message and I’ve given a lot of interviews over the years about this subject. My response is always the same. It’s like driving on the highway. Most people are normal, respectful, good drivers. But there’s always one jerk that’s going too fast, cutting people off, acting dangerous and then flipping you the bird.

That’s the internet, and specifically, fantasy football twitter. Most people that play are normal, respectful and upon seeing the news, just Dave Keon Womens Jersey wish Foster (or any player) a speedy recovery. But a small percentage lose all sense of perspective and it paints all of us in a poor light.

He put it best in a follow-up tweet, saying “I know opinions are usually cement. But, I love all my fans. My quarrel is with people who value a digital game over a humans health. #love”

But “Caillou” has no logic. No reason for being. The parents look exactly like each other. What weird cousin-mating thing is going on here? It’s like they have completely given up on life, both of them dumpy and dowdy. Rosie, the 2-year old sister, says nothing and just cries all the time and brings nothing to the table.

Some episodes they live in the city, some they live in the suburbs. Sometimes the Grandmother is the narrator, sometimes it’s the cat, but only as a puppet because as narrator, he’s puppet cat, but in the show, he’s a normal cat and if you think it’s confusing to read, it’s even more confusing to watch.

There is only one thing that is consistent about this poorly-drawn and even more poorly written show: Caillou whines. All the time. About everything.

Foster shares my concern and hatred for this show. As soon as I mentioned “Caillou,” his eyes lit up and we spent a good five minutes talking about how terrible this show was.

If “Caillou” has one redeeming quality, it brought Foster and I closer together.

Thanks for everything, Arian Foster, you will be missed. From all of us in fantasy football, thanks for all you did and I wish you an awesome and “Caillou”-free retirement.

And so, with or without Foster, the show must go on. Week 8 is upon us, and with it, six teams on bye. With the obligatory tip of the hat to researcher “Thirsty” Kyle Soppe, here’s who I love, and who joins Caillou on the hate list, this week.

Here’s the main storyline in training camp for every NFL team in 2016

After weeks with little NFL news of consequence, we’ve finally reached the portion of the offseason where fans can get a glimpse of how their favorite teams are shaping up for the coming season.

Why does he only have first down balls?
Are these balls for first down only? What happens on second down? Do they exist to achieve first downs? He has a box of balls labeled “50 yard Authentic C. J. Prosise Jersey bombs.” Wouldn’t those be preferable to “1st down balls” in every occasion?

The funding has yet to stem the decline of young athletes playing football. Via the Times:

The N.F.L. and its players’ union formed U.S.A. Football in 2002 to oversee the sport and help it grow among children aged 6 to 14. But participation has dropped precipitously in recent years, from 3 million in 2010 to about 2.2 million last fall — a decline Authentic Cassius Marsh Jersey generally attributed to concerns about injuries, particularly to the brain.

Foles, 27, signed a two-year extension with the Rams shortly after they acquired him prior to the 2015 season. But his play was lackluster and the Rams felt strongly about Cal quarterback Jared Goff, whom they traded up to draft with the first overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

That put Foles’ future in doubt just one season after joining the team that seemed invested in his potential to be a franchise quarterback when they acquired him. Foles has got a lot of mileage out of his 2013 season with the Philadelphia Eagles, when he threw for 27 touchdowns against just two interceptions in 13 games played.

Despite his regression the next year, the Rams believed there was still something there. That experiment was brief, though. Foles played in 11 games for the Rams last season, completing 56.4 percent of his passes for 2,052 yards with seven touchdowns against 10 interceptions.

Foles has completed 60.2 percent of his passes for 8,805 yards with 53 touchdowns and 27 interceptions in his career. Taking his stats as a whole, he seemingly has a lot to offer, but his numbers from 2013 are giving him a significant boost as his other three seasons, none of which were full seasons, were anywhere close. He’s played in 39 career games with the Rams and Eagles.

Foles made it to the Pro Bowl in 2013 and led the NFL in passer rating. He had a perfect game against the Oakland Raiders that season. The Rams suggested they were confident in Case Keenum as a quarterback, and Goff will likely be starting right away as the top pick in the draft.

This move comes on the day Rams rookies were to report to training camp. Veterans are scheduled to report to camp Thursday.

The Falcons added a lot of speed on defense through the draft, and first-rounder Keanu Neal is expected to take over as the team’s starting strong safety. Also keep an eye on fourth-round draft pick De’Vondre Campbell, who is competing for a starting outside linebacker role, and second-rounder Deion Jones, who is fighting for the starting middle linebacker spot.

Atlanta’s offense struggled at times last season, and fans want to see Matt Ryan and company settling into offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s scheme. Offensive players said they worked on their communication this offseason, and training camp should provide a sense of how that’s coming along for the Falcons.

The Falcons also brought in two key offensive players in free agency — center Alex Mack and wide receiver Mohamed Sanu — and the team needs both players to live up to expectations. We’ll have an opportunity to see how they’re fitting in during the weeks leading up to the season.

The Panthers hit cornerback Josh Norman with the franchise tag following the 2015 season, and then abruptly rescinded the tag prior to the 2016 NFL Draft. He then hit free agency and was immediately scooped up by Washington. Now, the Panthers head into training camp with rookie cornerbacks cornerback James Bradberry, Darryl Worley and Zack Sanchez battling for playing time.

Did Adele get offered the Super Bowl halftime show or not?

HE’S REALLY GOOD: David Johnson is going to have a big year. The Cardinals running back made one of the best plays of the season so far.

RG3 IS BACK: The Browns experienced the full spectrum of Robert Griffin III, and it only took one preseason drive. He was good and bad, much like a Isaiah Crowell Jersey player who hasn’t played in a while and playing in the first preseason game of the year. Let the takes begin!

GABBERT STRUGGLES: Blaine Gabbert struggles in 49ers preseason opener. Starting to look like a no-win QB situation in San Francisco.

GORDON’S RUNNING: Melvin Gordon needs to learn how to run in the NFL. Gordon is a particular type of runner and he needs a particular situation to succeed. Might he be in that situation this year?

SAFETY FIRST: Browns QB Cody Kessler pulled a Dan Orlovsky and ran out of the end zone for a safety. D’oh!

BLACK AND SILVER DEPTH: Raiders Jamar Taylor Jersey deep defensive line could mask loss of Mario Edwards Jr. There weren’t too many major injuries through first week of the preseason, but the Raiders lost Edwards for up to six weeks.

The Cowboys are in the market for a backup quarterback and might even make a trade with the Cleveland Browns to acquire Josh McCown. Pleading for Favre to come out of retirement is far from a realistic idea that the Cowboys will look to pursue, even if it is fun to imagine a Hall of Famer suiting up on Sundays.

Last season, Manning became the seventh player to start at least eight games in a season at age 39. But even though it ended with a Super Bowl ring, it was the worst season statistically for the future Hall of Famer, who retired in March.

Brady is coming off a season where he threw a league-leading 36 touchdowns and posted a passer rating over 100 for the fourth time in his career. He has never completed less than 60 percent of his passes in a season, with the exception of his rookie year when he threw just three passes.

Is Brady, who said he might play for another 10 years, siphoning the talent of younger backup quarterbacks as some sort of youthful blood magic? Your guess is as good as mine.

But with an array of receiving targets that includes Rob Gronkowski at tight end, it’s hard to imagine Brady regressing much this season. He should finish pretty high on the list of quarterbacks at age 39, even if his suspension means his numbers will fall a bit from last year.

Joey Bosa’s holdout is over

It may have taken several months longer than expected, but the San Diego Chargers have agreed to a contract with defensive end Joey Bosa. The No. 3 overall pick will report to training camp after a four-week holdout.

WOW @BFTB_Chargers @sdutGehlken @sdutKevinAcee @KP_Show @johnmgennaro

— RK (@Rapkid360) August 7, 2016
According to Bosa, his mom didn’t realize her Facebook comments were public.

“Leave it to mom to mess up on Laken Tomlinson Jersey Facebook,” he joked.

Bosa, 21, was a dominant player at Ohio State. The two-time consensus All-American recorded 26 sacks in three seasons and was credited with 148 tackles. With Bosa wrecking havoc in the backfield, the Buckeyes won the first ever College Football Playoff Larry Warford Jersey to cap off the 2014 campaign.

There’s even the possibility that the Broncos don’t even know who Mark Sanchez is.

BROWNS CUT KRUGER: Browns cut OLB Paul Kruger. A pricey free agent signing in 2013, Kruger never really became the pass rusher the Browns envisioned. He also took a little shot at the team on his way out.

CUTS TRACKER: Follow all the roster cuts with our tracker. Today is the deadline for teams to go from 90 to 75 players.

BOSA & THE CHARGERS CAN BE FRIENDS AGAIN: Joey Bosa’s holdout is over. The Chargers gave some ground on the signing bonus, but kept the offset language in the deal. Bosa then took a moment to respond to his critics in a press conference.

THE BEST KAEPERNICK COLUMN YOU’LL READ: Kaepernick is asking for justice, not peace. Friday night, in a league whose business is Americana, Colin Kaepernick took a stand rarely seen in pro sports.

There’s really no reason for the NFL or either of the teams to risk safety of anyone at the stadium in the preseason, particularly the last game. With rosters already trimmed to 75 players and another 22 cuts on the way to get down to the final limit of 53 players, the final game is used primarily to sort out the back half of the roster.

That means starters like Kirk Cousins and Jameis Winston, who combined for 48 passes and five touchdowns in the third week of the preseason, are unlikely to see the field anywhere near as much, if at all, in the preseason finale.

Shigeta broke through the barrier to screen stardom

Actor who was one of the first Asian Americans to play big parts Hollywood films Shigeta Flower Drum with Kam Tong, Miyoshi Umeki, Nancy Kwan and Sen Yung. Photograph: Everett Collection Rex Shigeta, who has died aged 85, was one of the very few Asian-American actors to have played big parts Hollywood films. Born Hawaii of Japanese ancestry, Shigeta broke through the barrier to screen stardom, bringing Jay Cutler Jersey dignity and stature to his roles. Handsome and charismatic, with a rich singing and speaking baritone voice, Shigeta was cast several films which he was the equal of his co-stars, sometimes being permitted to have inter-racial screen romances, despite what amounted to a tacit prohibition Hollywood. Shigeta’s breakthrough gradually helped to prevent the practice of actors such as Marlon Brando, Alec Guinness and Rooney playing Japanese characters with embarrassingly crude results. However, as was the Hollywood custom, Shigeta, often elevating poor material, was Jeremy Langford Jersey called upon to play Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and Polynesian characters, with the assumption being that audiences could not tell the difference. One of six children, he was born Honolulu. His father was a plumber.

Shigeta conceived the ambition to become a singer after winning a talent competition on ‘s The Original Amateur Hour. After singing nightclubs the US under the name Guy Brion, he enlisted the US Marine Corps during the Korean war and served for two and a half years, singing for the troops and rising to the rank of staff sergeant. After leaving Korea, Shigeta, who did not speak Japanese, went to Japan, where he became a success under his own name, singing on radio, television and on stage, and becoming known as the Sinatra of Japan. Returning to the US, he starred the Las Vegas revue Holiday Japan. He made his screen debut ‘s The Crimson Kimono as a Japanese detective with the LA homicide squad, working with a Korean war army buddy. While investigating a murder, they both get involved romantically with a key witness. ‘s potent, no-frills urban crime movie ends with a long kiss between Shigeta and Shaw, which prompted the legend on the poster: YES, this is a beautiful American girl the arms of a handsome Japanese boy! Racial conflict was the theme of Clavell ‘s Walk Like a Dragon, off-beat western which Shigeta, with steely intensity, plays a pigtailed Chinese immigrant the California of the 1870s, falling for a slave girl who has been bought and freed by a white American. Cultural rather than racial tension is at the heart of Bridge to the, directed by Etienne Périer, a sensitive tale of the problems faced by a married couple Japan during the second world war; she, American used to western attitudes, he a Japanese diplomat trying to get her to understand his countrymen’s way of thinking. It was Shigeta’s greatest role, the character painfully caught between his duty to his country and his love for his wife and child.

Despite his performance, there was still little likelihood of his being cast important role originally written for a white actor. In the event, Flower Drum, adapted from the Rodgers and Hammerstein Broadway musical, was his last leading role, and one which he headed almost completely Asian-American cast. Set among the Chinese population San Francisco, it dealt with the clash between two generations, with Shigeta representing a modern American wanting to choose his own wife. Despite the stereotyping, the colourful musical gave Shigeta a chance to sing the lovely ballad You Are Beautiful and join the chorus of Chop Suey. Most of the singing was done by Presley Paradise, Hawaiian Style, a semi travel commercial, which Shigeta brought some gravitas to bear on the featherweight proceedings, as ‘s business partner a helicopter charter service. With the lack of suitable feature-film roles, Shigeta found plenty of work on television, series such as Naked City, Dr Kildare, Perry, Ironside and Murder, She Wrote. He also portrayed a doctor eight episodes of Medical Center. His rare appearances on the big screen included a monk the flaccid musical Lost Horizon, which he Together, Growing Together, one of the best songs of a bad lot; he was a member of the Japanese underworld Pollack’s The Yakuza and Vice Chuichi Nagumo Battle of Midway. In the latter part of his big-screen career, Shigeta’s most memorable role, though violently cut short, was the box-office smash action movie Die Hard, playing executive, Takagi, who is shot by a terrorist for failing to reveal a security code. Up to the killing, the tension builds unbearably, with Shigeta saying, I’m telling you, you’re just going to have to kill me, as Rickman reaches for his handgun. Shigeta is survived by a sister, and three brothers, Howard, and Clarence. Shigeta, actor and singer, born 17 1929; died 28 July 2014.

It was fun and it’s something I would have considered

PHILADELPHIA — After suffering a left thigh bruise the 12th inning of Saturday’s second game, White Sox second baseman Beckham was out of ‘s starting lineup. It’s just a bruise, it’s just a deep one, said Ventura of Beckham. I highly doubt he would get there today. You never know into the game or something Wilt Chamberlain Jersey like that, but as of right now he really doesn’t have a of playing. Ventura also wanted to stay away from reliever Troncoso ‘s first-half finale after the righty pitched both ends of Saturday’s doubleheader, but added that starting pitcher Axelrod was available out of the bullpen. Beckham have time to recover during the four days off for the All- break. Breaks are good, White Sox first baseman Dunn said. I don’t care if you are 50 up or 50 back. There’s a few things that people circle during the year on their calendars: Opening Day and All- break are among the top two.

Southampton’s keeper has the army to thank for his big-match temperament, writes Brodkin Nobody who has seen Antti Niemi’s impressive performances for Southampton this would doubt his bravery. But it still comes as a surprise to hear the goalkeeper announce that, had he not made a success of football, he would probably Adreian Payne Jersey be the army. As Niemi prepares for FA Cup semi-final against Watford which he describes as the biggest club game of his life, he has brought new meaning to the idea of indulging fighting talk before kick-off. The Finn is no stranger to live ammunition or battle fatigues, having completed compulsory military service his homeland. He found life tough for much of his 11 months at a sports military school but feels it is the career on which he would have fallen back. I didn’t realise this at the time but, if I wasn’t football, I would probably be the army, he says. I’m very patriotic.

It was fun and it’s something I would have considered, although I’m too old now. some ways it’s similar to what we have the dressing room: being together and having fun, giving stick and taking stick. the army it was a similar situation. We had something like 20 footballers there and it was fun. Not at the time but looking back. At 6ft 1in and 14 stone of muscle, Niemi would hardly need a weapon to settle most arguments, and those joining the Finnish army these days stand little of ending up combat. The last time his country fought was during the second world war. It’s different from the UK, says Niemi. Obviously here you have to go to Iraq and places like that. Finland you ‘t send troops to any combat. If somebody comes to Finland that’s different but I think the only time they go abroad is for peace-keeping and stuff like that. Niemi has forged his career abroad goalkeeping instead. The £2m Southampton paid Hearts last looks well spent, with the 30-year-old such fine form that he has arguably not cost his team a point. Blackburn’s Friedel is one of the few keepers who could claim comparative consistency. It helps that Niemi has a temperament a soldier would admire. Niemi acts as if he has never heard of tension and makes clear he never feels nervous before matches. Even as he pulls on his gloves before tomorrow’s semi-final he feel little different from the days when he practised as a child Oulu, the northern Finnish city where there is no darkness during nights but where Niemi can recall going to school -42C one winter. I enjoy playing, he says. I have thought about it times: would I be a better goalkeeper if I had attitude before ? But I think it’s one of strengths that I can relax during a game, no matter who we are playing, how big the stadium is, how people are watching. I ‘t mind, I just enjoy it. Nor is it a coincidence, he suggests, that a small country such as Finland has two other Premiership keepers Bolton’s Jussi Jaaskelainen and Aston Villa’s Peter Enckelman. I think the Scandinavian type is good for goalkeepers, he adds. They have a good physique and are calm. does anything get Niemi wound up?

North Muskegon was crowned state champion

All, North Muskegon’s boys cross country team was ranked No. 1 the state Division 4. Every week, the Norsemen were the favorites wherever they ran. the end, North Muskegon proved that No. 1 ranking was legitimate by wining the school’s first cross country state championship, easily outdistancing the field at the Division 4 state finals at Marcus Thornton Jersey Michigan Speedway. The Norsemen’s depth proved to be their strength as four different runners placed first for NM during the. Guiding North Muskegon to its first cross country state championship was head coach, who was named the coach of The Chronicle’s inaugural Division 3 all-area boys cross country team. To have a team like we did that had four guys lead us at some point tells you about the depth we had, said. The guys worked hard all as they carried some big expectations on them and they came through. Although North Muskegon was crowned state champion, two other area teams had fine finishes at the state meet. Hesperia placed sixth Division 4 and County Central placed eighth Division 3. all, seven area runners earned all-state honors this and were also named to the all-area team. Here is a look at the Division 3 all-area cross country team: Barnett, County Central: Barnett burst onto the scene as a freshmen and earned R.J. Hunter Jersey all-state honors with a 20th place finish for a Spartans’ team that finished eighth the Division 3 race. Mathias Waterstradt, North Muskegon: The led the state champion Norsemen team by placing 11th overall and earning all-state honors. He is a three-time state finals qualifier. Chovaz, North Muskegon: Earned all-state honors for a second straight after placing 23rd overall this year for NM. The placed 16th at state last year as a sophomore. Alex Benham, North Muskegon: The was 20th overall to earn all-state honors for the Norse and is a three-time state finals qualifier. Jeff, Hesperia: Another, helped the Panthers to a sixth-place finish at the Division 4 state meet. He placed 12th overall to earn all-state honors and Is a three-time state finals qualifier. Matt Peacock, Hesperia: The senior became a two-time all-state runner by placing 17th at the state finals meet after placing 21st as a. Peacock was part of four Panthers’ teams that qualified for the state finals. Nick Vanderkooi, Providence : The sophomore became a two-time all-state honoree for The Storm after placing sixth overall the Division 4 race. Second team Zach Hintz, Hart, soph. Simmons, Holton, jr. Jake Holovka, Kent City, sr. Deller, County Central, sr. O’Keefe, North Muskegon, sr. Joe Potter, North Muskegon, sr., Oakridge, soph.

FINAL: Game. Set. Match. The domination continues. The Tigers have now won eight of 10 meetings this against the Indians after their 8 series-opening win. It’s the second straight win for the Tigers, who move two above.500 and pull within five of first-place Kansas City. Side note: Joakim Soria gave up a solo home run to Perez the ninth. He’s now allowed a home run four straight appearances and five of his last six. He gave up just four home runs his last two seasons combined. Tigers 8, Indians 5 Eighth inning: The Indians have cut the lead to 7 after Murphy hit his third- hit this. It was ‘s first run since scoring three the third. It’s now a three-run lead for Detroit, which makes it a save situation, which means Joakim Soria enter this game if the score holds. The Indians have Moss, Urshela and Perez due up the ninth. Tigers 7, Indians 4. Seventh inning: E-glesias. He’s human, folks. I know. It surprised me, too. Iglesias was charged with his team-high fifth error this when he couldn’t cleanly field Urshela’s slow grounder. It was quickly erased when Tigers reliever Alex got Perez to bat into a double play. It was the league-leading 38th double play turned by Iglesias. He’s helped turn two tonight. Tigers 7, Indians 3 Sixth inning: It’ll be interesting to what the Tigers do with moving forward. I imagine he’ll make his next start as scheduled, but does he have a short leash? It’s no secret that the Tigers would like to bring back Greene. However, Greene suffered a blister on his middle finger his start and likely remain Toledo for the foreseeable future. Given Greene’s setback, ‘s spot seems safe for now, though Detroit could consider bringing back Farmer. Tigers 7, Indians 3 Fifth inning: A short leash tonight for, who was lifted the fourth with two outs after walking Perez to load the bases. was replaced by Hardy, who got Kipnis to line out to right field to escape the jam. If the Tigers hold onto this lead, not be line for the win. Hardy came back out for the fifth, and retired the side order. This appearance shows just how valuable Hardy can be for this team. He’s one of only a few relievers who can pitch multiple innings. Tigers 7, Indians 3 Fourth inning: Walking Kinsler on four pitches to face Cabrera with no outs and the bases loaded? Free advice to pitchers: Don’t do that. Trevor Bauer did it, and then he walked Cabrera on a full-count pitch to bring a run. Victor Martinez then followed with a two-run single to knock Bauer out of the game. Yoenis Cespedes followed with a sacrifice fly off reliever Manship to cap a four-run frame. It was the third RBI as many at-bats tonight for Cespedes. Tigers 7, Indians 3 Third inning: Cespedes continues to strengthen his case to be named All-Star. Cespedes sent a frozen rope just beyond the wall right-center for his 10th home run this. He had to reach down for it, but still managed to send it estimated 407 feet. Speaking of potential All-Stars, Kipnis put the Indians on the board with a two-run double to the wall right field, and Brantley tied the game with RBI single up the gut off. Tigers 3, Indians 3 Second inning: Good news, bad news, Tigers fans: Good news? got another run of support from the Tigers when Kinsler’s fielder’s choice scored Romine from third. The bad news? The Tigers had runners on first and third with no outs and managed just one run. Fortunately for Detroit, Bauer has already thrown 53 pitches, and likely won’t be able to pitch beyond the fifth inning at this rate., meanwhile, has retired his first six batters order tonight — needing only nine pitches to work a second inning. Tigers 2, Indians 0 First inning: Unfortunate break for the Cespedes, who initially knocked two runs with a two-out triple to right field. But Francona challenged the call, claiming the ball hit the railing above the wall. Following a four-minute review, the call was overturned and Cespedes was credited with a -rule double, which took a run off the board. Trevor Bauer intentionally walked J.D. Martinez to load the bases for James McCann, who hit a rocket up the middle, but was robbed of RBI single when Francisco Lindor made a diving stop to get the forceout at second. Tigers 1, Indians 0 Rain delay: The Tigers’ game against the Indians is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. following a short burst of rain. Pregame: The Tigers have won 14 of their last 17 against the Indians, including seven of nine this. Can the Tigers, who are coming off a 12 lopsided win New, that success into tonight? They’ll have their hands full with Indians starter Trevor Bauer, who cruised through seven innings of four-hit ball his latest start Tuesday. First pitch is set for 7 p.m.

Mattingly added that last was a big transition for Guerrero

The following are trademarks or service marks of League Baseball entities and be used only with permission Lavelle Hawkins Jersey of League Baseball Properties, Inc. or the relevant League Baseball entity: League, League Baseball, MLB, the silhouetted batter logo, World Series, National League, American League, Division Series, League Championship Series, All- Game, and the names, nicknames, logos, uniform designs, color combinations, and slogans designating the League Baseball clubs and entities, and their respective mascots, events and exhibitions.

SAN FRANCISCO — Guerrero has packed quite a punch for the Dodgers lineup his limited opportunities so far this. With Wednesday night’s -hit, two-run blast off Bumgarner, Guerrero pushed his home run total to three and his RBI count to 11 despite having just 16 at-bats. Thursday marked the third start of the year for Guerrero and his first since April 13, as he has essentially been expensive -hitter for Lavonte David Jersey the Dodgers. He’s been a good one, though, going 3-for-7 with two homers and five RBIs that role. Guerrero wasted no time capitalizing on his start Thursday, bashing a solo homer the second inning off Vogelsong. He went 2-for-3 the Dodgers’ to boost his batting average to.474. Just watching his BP now, he shoots the ball to right field and hits it where it’s supposed to be hit BP, Mattingly said before the game. Last year he had to force that.

Mattingly added that last was a big transition for Guerrero, who only appeared 11 with the Dodgers after defecting from Cuba and signing a four-year, $28 million deal. Mattingly said he has also considered playing Guerrero left field against left-handed starters. And though the 28-year-old hasn’t approached Mattingly directly about more playing time, the skipper said Guerrero has posed some questions to assistant hitting coach John. has a little bit, probably, some trouble understanding all of it, which is fine, Mattingly said. It’s like everybody, anybody who’s not playing, you want them to want to play. But the skipper doesn’t sound like he’s caught up Guerrero’s hot streak.

Asked if he has thought about starting Guerrero at third before using Uribe as a late-inning sub, Mattingly was quick to bring up Justin Turner ‘s name. I know the people are chanting for right now, Mattingly said, but there’s other guys, too, that probably have swung the bat better. From the standpoint of… J.T. hits.340 last year, leads the league hitting, basically. Now, because he’s not the flavor of the day, we start talking about someone else. That’s where we can’t get involved with what happened over a 10-day period. ? Mattingly said catcher A.J. Ellis was available to play Thursday after being hit by a pitch on his right hand during Wednesday night’s 3 loss ? The Dodgers officially called up Bolsinger to start Thursday’s contest while sending Heisey back to Triple-A Oklahoma City after a one-day cameo against Bumgarner and the Giants. Espinoza is a contributor to. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

Trevone Boykin is one of the most entertaining players

This should be fun. 4. Battlefrog Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State vs. Notre Dame, 1 Speaking of fun, how about starting New Year’s Day off with a matchup of two of the most storied programs college football history? The and Doug Baldwin Jersey Buckeyes were each eyeing bigger things this , but Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer says the Fiesta Bowl isn’t a disappointment.

You won’t be disappointed watching this one, either. Just ‘t let anyone that it’s the BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl. That just sounds stupid. TCU’s Trevone Boykin and Doctson are two of the most explosive players the country. 5. Valero Alamo Bowl: TCU vs. Oregon, 1 TCU’s Trevone Boykin is one of the most entertaining players the nation to watch, and this should be a heck of a game as two of the highest-flying offenses college football collide. Oregon is a different team when QB Adams is the lineup, and he’ll play Drew Nowak Jersey this one–meaning it should be a back-and-forth battle where the first one to 50–or maybe 60 wins. 6. Athletic Bowl: North Carolina vs. Baylor, 12 Carolina was underrated this year, and as they proved the ACC championship game, the Heels can ball. Baylor can ball too–even though the Bears were on their quarterback on Saturday against Texas.

Backup Jared Stidham could be back for this game, which make it much more fun to watch, because that kid can air it out. Either way, it’ll be interesting to how these two match up. 7. Sugar Bowl: Ole vs. Oklahoma State, 1 Ole fans have to be disappointed with the way their turned out after the Alabama game, when the Rebs handed the Crimson Tide their only loss of the year. They looked like a team on a mission–and a bona-fide playoff contender then. Somehow, they couldn’t handle or Memphis. , they end up with a letdown of a BCS game, against a high-flying Oklahoma State team that puts up points like NBA Jam pinball machine. Oh well. This one be interesting contrast styles–as Ole ‘ defense doesn’t allow points.

If you haven’t seen him yet, you’re going to want to carve out some time to watch Mahomes and the electrifying Texas Tech offense go to work. 8. Advocare V100 Texas Bowl: Texas Tech vs. LSU, 12 At first glance, this game looks like a blowout. LSU’s bruising Fournette against the Texas Tech defense-er, the Texas Tech not-the-offense. Not really sure the Red Raiders are really defending anything. They’re just running around out there, getting some exercise while they wait for the other team to kick the ball off back to them. But that offense, though-, it is entertaining. QB Mahomes is one of the most entertaining players the nation, and the Raiders run up and down the field and score with ease. LSU could struggle to keep up–or they could shut Tech down.