I agree with Mike Malone

I agree with Mike Malone. The Nuggets should move to London … and take me with them. The trouble, of course, is what’s been happening everywhere else they play; Denver awoke Sunday ranked No. 1 in rebounding (grabbing 54 percent of available boards) but No. 29 in defensive efficiency. According to ESPN research ace Micah Adams, no NBA team has managed to lead the league in rebounding and rank outside the top 20 in both DE and PPG allowed since the (gulp) 1983-84 San Diego Clippers. All those transition points they surrender off turnovers are a killer. It also doesn’t help that the Nuggets are tied for last in a prime stat that reflects activity (only 13.3 deflections per game) and sit in the bottom 10 defending the 3-point line.
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The good stuff: Memphis can claim a 2-0 mark against mighty Golden State after no team toppled the Warriors twice last season, defeated Houston on Dec. 23 in a game the Rockets sank 20 3s, won the rematch in Houston on Friday to saddle the Rockets with their first losing streak of the season, and likewise rank as the only team in the league that can say it has beaten Utah when both Gordon Hayward and George Hill are in uniform for the Jazz. The quirky downside: Memphis is one of only two teams on the NBA map (along with Charlotte) that sports a winning record against fellow Western Conference residents (17-8) but a losing record against Eastern Conference opposition (8-9).
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This is the farthest into a season the Jazz have been in first place in their division since Jan. 20, 2011, when Utah and OKC were both 27-15 and sharing the Northwest Division lead. Utah hasn’t won its division outright since the 2007-08 season, under a coach we greatly miss named Jerry Sloan. The Jazz, though, don’t want to hear anything divisional when (A) we’re only at the season’s halfway point and (B) they just lost Rodney Hood to a knee injury that isn’t as scary as it looked but is still plenty worrisome for a club that has to be wondering when the injuries will ever stop.

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