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LeBron James goes full Gregg Popovich on reporter following Game 2 loss

When LeBron James walks off a basketball floor, with sweat dripping from his face and exhaustion filling his body, he can’t simply collapse on the floor and take a nap. He has an obligation to answer questions from a horde of media members.

Of course, that’s part of being a professional athlete. It comes with the territory, and James knows that. Still, there are some postgame interviews that must make LeBron scratch his head — like Sunday night’s edition, for instance.
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If he adds another 1,000 points — who is going to be able to come in and go to 10 NBA Finals in this modern age, in this modern day, just to have an opportunity to do that? Go to the playoffs every year, to average 30, just the longevity to do that, the durability to do that. Most guys are fortunate to play 10 years, you know play 15 years, but to have to play 12 years and go to the Finals 10 times and average 30 points a game? It’s impossible. I won’t live to see that record broken.
That’s certainly high praise, and Jefferson makes a good point. The reason Jordan’s record was attainable is because the Bulls legend played when the opening round of the playoffs was a best-of-five format and James’ opening round has been best-of-seven. So the added games, combined with James’ dominance, made it easier.

But the feat is still difficult to accomplish, and James just made it even harder. And as Jefferson points out, James is still in the prime of his career, so he could easily add another 1,000 or more points to his total. And that’s just scoring. He’s also top-10 in other categories for career playoff stats.

Game Youth Pekka Rinne Jersey Let’s take a look: James is seventh in rebounds (1,862), third in assists (1,439), second in steals (382), fifth in 2-point attempts (1,797), third in 3-point attempts (319), second in free-throw attempts (1,444), second in minutes played (8,915), and ninth in total games (212).

That was the hand dealt to them by NFL schedule-makers.

I came back, I got a draw, the O-linemen made a nice seam for me, Bell said. On that play, I knew I could not really go, because I couldn’t be myself. I seen the seam but I couldn’t really hit it. I ran but I couldn’t hit it. It was like I was really running, really, 50 percent out there. At that point, I knew I couldn’t go. I was holding the team back just by trying to be in there. I felt I couldn’t be myself.

Early results were promising. These guys are hungry after getting so close,Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman told reporters at the end of the preseason. I dont see any difference in work ethic or their approach.

Ron and I are very pleased. Were very encouraged with where they are mentally.

But there was one psychological element Rivera and Gettleman failed to account for. That was the hand dealt to them by NFL schedule-makers.

Carolinas first opponent would be against the one that toppled them 24-10 in Super Bowl 50. And the Panthers would have their noses rubbed in it as the host Denver Broncos commemorated their championship win during pregame ceremonies.

The turnover marked the only time the Packers kept Dallas from scoring on it’s final six possessions. Hyde credited film study and the play-calling of Dom Capers, calling the long-time coordinator a genius.

He knows how to adjust us to get the play-makers to make plays and everyone involved,Hyde said. Whether it’s the backup guys or regulars in there, it doesnt matter. Hes calling the plays and expecting everyone to know them.vikings_126

Shaq’s mangled big toe horrifies the internet

Shaquille O’Neal has a really messed up big toe. How do we know? Shaq proudly gave TNT’s cameras a glimpse of his foot on Thursday night.

Joey Bosa Kids Jersey Orlando — Dennis Smith Jr., PG, North Carolina State. The Magic could be the most interesting of the top-10 teams, with a new regime in the front office and some tough questions to answer about a roster that has not come together. Jayson Tatum makes sense here, but there’s uncertainty about whether point guard Elfrid Payton can be the guy going forward. Smith could give the Magic something they’ve desperately lacked — a consistent scorer who can run the pick-and-roll, finish at the rim and anchor the offense.
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Minnesota — Lauri Markkanen, PF, Arizona. The Wolves are continuing their pursuit of solutions at point guard, but they do need someone who can serve as a stretch-4. If any of the Big Three point men slip, the Wolves would probably scoop them up. Or they could take a shot on Ntilikina or Dennis Smith Jr. But Markkanen’s value as a big shooter is pretty low-hanging fruit, and the Wolves can definitely check a box by taking him.

New York — Jayson Tatum, SF, Duke. Someone is going to slip out of the group of four or five top prospects, and the bet here is Tatum, a good shooter with a high basketball IQ and a smooth offensive game. He happens to play the same position as a current Knick with a smooth offensive game, but that does not matter. If he is around at eight, the Knicks should grab him and figure out their Carmelo Anthony situation later. If Tatum is not here, Malik Monk figures to get serious consideration.

NBA Draft rumors: Lonzo Ball working on Lakers’ backup plan by mulling 76ers workout

If everything went Lonzo Ball’s way, the Celtics would take Markelle Fultz and the Lakers would select Ball with the second pick in the NBA Draft. But if that doesn’t happen, then he needs to make sure there’s a backup plan, and it could be going to the 76ers at No. 3.

The report comes in the context that Ball in his first workout this week reportedly didn’t blow away the Lakers, who hold the No. 2 pick in the NBA Draft and this week also hosted Markelle Fultz, the presumptive No. 1 overall pick, as well as Josh Jackson and De’Aaron Fox.
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Ball has made it clear that the hometown Lakers are his preferred destination, a notion he reiterated after working out for the Lakers on Wednesday, and previously has said they are the only team he would talk with or work out for.

ESPN noted that Friday’s scheduled second workout at an undisclosed L.A. location also would give the Lakers a chance to visit with Ball’s family, most notably his outspoken father, LaVar Ball.

Although the Lakers are considering all options before Thursday’s draft, ESPN cited unidentified team sources as saying it remains highly unlikely they would trade the No. 2 pick.

Elite Mens Jake Butt Jersey If I score six points a game and it gets us four wins and an NBA championship, I can do that every year,Thompson said of his Game 1 performance.

The most important thing is the way he’s defending,Draymond Green said. We have enough guys who can score on this team that if one guy can’t get it going, we can go other places. Then our ball movement and our flow allows everyone else to get baskets as well. We’re not just going to say, `Oh, man, we really need to get Klay going.’

Also, even though Thompson has not been shooting well, he still commands attention from the opponent’s defense.

Le’Veon Bell’s value is crystal clear to Steelers opponents, including Chiefs

How high LeVeon Bell will finish in the Most Valuable Player voting wont be known until the awards are handed out Super Bowl week. The votes are in, but he made the discussion more complicated Sunday against the Dolphins.

Chances are, He’ll make it even more complicated Sunday in Kansas City an AFC divisional playoff opponent that will bring his season, and the argument, full circle.

The SteelersWeek 4 Sunday night game against the Chiefs in Pittsburgh was Bells first game after his season-opening suspension for violating the drug policy. It also was his first regular-season game since his midseason ACL tear the year before. Bell ran for 144 yards and gained 178 total.

But it won’t, because too many people want to rush in and fill the void Adelson left. That includes city and state politicians who are ready to throw even more public money into it than they already are. Even though they now have a pretty good idea of how little they’re going to get out of it, as opposed to what the Raiders will pocket.

So OK, blah blah blah, finances, politics, investors, bonds, tax earmarks, whatever. Even if you don’t want to dig deeper than the surface of this, the surface tells you everybody’s going to move heaven and earth to get the Raiders out of Oakland (again) and into their new home.

San Diego and St. Louis fans know about this already. Give a man a stadium, and he’ll burn up the road getting to it, no matter whether it makes sense for him and his franchise. It hasn’t even been three weeks since the Chargers and the Spanos family bailed on San Diego after 56 years, and the next sign that anyone in Los Angeles has warmed up to their new team will be the first. Even Philip Rivers at the Pro Bowl spent more time paying homage to his only NFL home than embracing his new one.blue_jays_048_193a5e481183b2e6-180x180

Jordy Nelson injury update: Packers WR was hospitalized with broken ribs, won’t practice this week

Packers receiver Jordy Nelson suffered two fractured ribs following a big hit during Sunday’s NFC wild-card game vs. the Giants, according to reports. The hit not only took Nelson off the field, but it sent him to the hospital.

Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy said Monday Nelson was released from the hospital, but would not practice until Saturday, if at all this week. The Packers will play the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in next Sunday’s NFC divisional playoff game.

The injury occurred on a first-down pass to Nelson to start Green Bay’s fourth possession against the Giants. Nelson leapt to catch the high pass from Aaron Rodgers and was hit on his left side by Giants defensive back Leon Hall.
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He pouted. Guys, he pouted. His team just scored a touchdown and he was upset that he was wide open and [Ben] Roethlisberger didn’t go to him, she said. Roethlisberger was then waiting on the sideline, Brown was the last player on the field, [and] Roethlisberger had to talk to him.

Elite Youth Nellie Fox Jersey [Roethlisberger] had to sit and worry about Antonio Brown’s ego.

Kinkhabwala seems sure about what she saw, but looking again at Williams’ touchdown, we couldn’t see what she was talking about. The play was an obvious run, and you can see Brown did not even run a route, meaning he wasn’t open in the back of the end zone.

Once he could no longer carry the team, the Lions were in trouble. The offense has committed seven turnovers in the past four games six of which are pinned on Stafford while the defense has failed to force any.

None of the other 11 playoff teams enters the postseason on a losing streak of two or more games. But just the fact the Lions are still alive is good enough for general manager Bob Quinn to keep Caldwell in the fold.

Cowboys QB Mark Sanchez attends Donald Trump presidential inauguration

America’s team. America’s president.

Aaron Lynch Kids Jersey That’s how Cowboys quarterback Mark Sanchez sees it, apparently.

The Southern California product, currently a third-stringer behind Dak Prescott and Tony Romo, is in attendance at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration at the National Mall in Washington D.C.

Cordrea Tankersley Kids Jersey Sanchez, earned $2 million in his first season in Big D, following stints with the Eagles and Jets.

Bills offensive linemanRichie Incognito expressed his support for Trump. Incognito, who’s been fined and suspended several times during his career,allegedly bulliedand threatenedformer teammateJohnathan Martin, reportedly calling him a ‘half half-nig*er piece of s*it,’ in a voicemail message back in 2013.

Three points on the Patriots’ opening drive was a relative disappointment considering how quickly New England got to the red zone. Thanks mostly to a 41-yard Julian Edelman catch-and-run, the Patriots drove down the field easily and set up Stephen Gostkowski for his 31-yarder. Tom Brady was 4 of 5 on the six-play drive. 3-0, Patriots.

The Steelers learned the hard way what happens when a lack of a pass rush is mixed with a blown coverage downfield. The result a鈧€?as usual a鈧€?was a New England touchdown, a 16-yard Tom Brady pass to Chris Hogan, who was waiting uncovered in the back of the end zone. The Patriots’ second drive of the game was even more methodical than their first. It went 11 plays and covered 80 yards with a healthy blend of run and pass, plus a few first downs. 10-0, Patriots.

Woman lauded after helping blind Cubs fan hail cab

Not all heroes wear capes.
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A post of a woman helping a blind Cubs fan hail a cab after he tried unsuccessfully has gone viral. According to witness Ryan Hamilton, the man tried for several minutes until the woman came up and made sure he got into the cab.

That decision was to refuse an MRI exam after he missed a start with biceps tendinitis and shoulder discomfort. Just three days later he tore a lat muscle and has been out since April with no real timeline for his return.

No, no regrets for me really. There was nothing structurally wrong. I was able to go out there and play, catch and throw all those bullpens, Syndergaard said in an interview with WFAN in New York. I felt great, ready to [start] that Sunday, but something happened.

Syndergaard, 24, is adamant in his stance that had he undergone an MRI exam it would not have revealed damage in his lat, the muscle that he ultimately injured, though it’s hard to believe the Mets wouldn’t have wanted an MRI on more than just his elbow and shoulder considering the back and lats are such a big part of the throwing motion.

But had they just done an MRI on his elbow and shoulder, sure, it’s possible that no damage would have been revealed. Either way, it’s over, and Syndergaard has no regrets nor puts any blame on anyone in the organization for his situation.
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Syndergaard said his relationship with Mets general manager Sandy Alderson is stronger than ever before.

We kind of had our differences, but we were able to grow from that, Syndergaard said.

Kirk Cousins’ rising cost for Redskins only damages his value to their offense

The Redskins already lost the offensive coordinator who put Kirk Cousins in position to break the bank as an NFL free agent in 2017. Now, the big payday needed to keep the quarterback will negatively affect their future returns on the investment.

Given a questionable 2017 quarterback market in free agency and the draft, Cousins won’t be leaving Washington. He’ll either be franchise-tagged for a second straight year at nearly $24 million guaranteed for one season or get a long-term deal. The latter likely would give him the highest average annual salary in the league.

Inexperience could have been Ryan’s, and ultimately Atlanta’s, downfall in this game. Brady now has five Super Bowls and Ryan has played in just one.

However, this is a young team, and Ryan clearly has the talent and pieces around him to erase this bad memory very quickly.

Early in the game, Brady looked like an unsuspecting victim in the running of the bulls. He wasn’t the one wearing red, but Brady certainly felt the heat from Falcons defenders who looked certainly angry with him.

Falcons defenders penetrated the gaps left by Patriots offensive lineman with ease for two and a half quarters, leaving Brady in a mad rush to get rid of the ball, or on his back after getting hit. That, however, did not last into the final stages of the game, when it looked like Brady and his receivers were the only guys on the field. The linebackers especially looked lost, allowing running back James White to run free for a Super Bowl-record 14 receptions for 110 yards and three total touchdowns. avalanche-016_5c3e760001bc99bd-180x180

the Pats never led at any point in the game until they scored the winning touchdown

As big and strong as the 6-2, 210-pound Sanu is, Jones is even bigger at 6-3, 220 and can run like a deer.

“If you don’t wrap him up, you better hold on because he can take you for a ride,” Patriots cornerback Eric Rowe told Yahoo Sports this week. “I’ve seen him like rodeo dudes before. It’s crazy.”

Just ask Green Bay defensive backs LaDarius Gunter and Damarious Randall. Jones took them for a ride for a 73-yard touchdown early in the second half.
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In hindsight, critics might say Buck and Aikman did not capture the excitement and scope of the Patriots’ comeback.

On the other hand, the Pats never led at any point in the game until they scored the winning touchdown. Aikman and Buck both knew as well as anybody how improbable a Pats victory was.

Statistically, it was nearly impossible for the Patriots to win … unless the Falcons coughed up a choke job for the ages.

Elite Womens Dorian Johnson Jersey It would be a big surprise, then, for the Patriots to stand pat on Garoppolo.

There’s no question the three most interested teams are the same three teams picking at the top of the 2017 draft. They are all unsure whether any QB they can select at the top of Round 1 can be better than Garoppolo.

But between the 49ers, Browns and Bears, who would provide the best combination of compensation for New England and destination for Garoppolo?

Here’s breaking down what San Francisco, Cleveland and Chicago all have to offer.