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Dan Fouts off Chargers preseason broadcasts

Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts, perhaps the greatest player in Chargers history, has criticized the team’s move, saying he’ll always be a San Diego Charger, and never a Los Angeles Charger. Fouts has also left his longtime job calling Chargers preseason games, but not because he criticized the team’s move north.
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Jay Posner of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the Chargers will welcome Fouts back in 2019 if his schedule permits him to return to the booth in the preseason.

The Chargers are going with Spero Dedes and LaDainian Tomlinson as their preseason TV announcers this year, but the team says it would have Rourke Chartier Jersey gladly had Fouts join Dedes and Tomlinson in a three-man booth if Fouts’ schedule had allowed it.

It stated that the first time the woman Brian Bellows Jersey realized no one had reported her case to judicial affairs was in November 2016, when Baylor released a public statement confirming that no one, including McCaw, Briles, Plaintiff’s head coach or the other member of the volleyball coaching staff present during the April 2013 meeting with Plaintiff and her parents, reported the sexual assault to Judicial Affairs or anyone outside of the Athletics Department.

One thing that makes the supplemental draft different from the regular draft is that the NFL uses an NBA-style draft lottery to determine the order: The teams with worse records have a better chance of getting higher supplemental draft picks, but the supplemental draft does not follow the same order as the regular draft.

What’s also different is that the supplemental draft ends quickly: Each round can last just 10 minutes, so the whole draft would last at most 70 minutes — and probably even less than that.

PFT requested a primer on the supplemental draft, and the league provided us with the following:

1. The Draft will continue until all players have been selected or seven rounds have been completed, whichever occurs first. Each round will last 10 minutes.

2. If a player is selected in a given round, the selecting club will forfeit its selection in the same round in the subsequent Principal Draft, which is scheduled for April 25-27, 2019.